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89000 64th Avenue in Thermal, California

The Thermal Community Sub-Area is the largest single redevelopment project area in the County of Riverside. It contains approximately 17,250 acres. While extra ordinarily large, the majority of the project area is now being used for agricultural use; approximately 1,600 acres of land located in the northeasterly portion of the project area are suitable for industrial development. This area borders on the city of Coachella and is generally north and east of the Desert Resorts Regional Airport.

The Thermal area is at the confluence of the spheres of influence of Coachella, La Quinta, and Indio. The cities have expressed long-term annexation interests in portions of the project area. The County of Riverside and the City of La Quinta are in strong agreement that the long-term improvement and development of the Desert Resorts Regional Airport constitute a major opportunity for the area. It is possible that future industrial development would be enhanced by anticipated airport improvement activities.

There are large portions of Thermal and neighboring Coachella that are in the Opportunity Zone, helping to encourage business development and offering tax incentives to qualifying developments.  The area is easily accessible, and provides good transportation via Highway 111, the major arterial highway serving the area, and the Southern Pacific Railroad.




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